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The wallpapers cataloged and made available publicly by www.wallpaperawesome.com were found in internet sites that allow the dissemination and use for personal purposes and NOT commercial .

And therefore prohibited to use the wallpapers of www.wallpaperawesome.com for profit.

The copyright of wallpapers on this site belongs to its rightful owner .

Given the enormous amount of images on www.wallpaperawesome.com not be ruled out that there are also images are protected by copyright. Let EXTREME care not to publish copyrighted material , but if this does not happen eisitate to write HERE to report it and we will immediately remove it.

The only images on www.wallpaperawesome.com that can be used for commercial purposes can be found in the special section " Images Royalty Free Photos" . In this case, however , there are some severe constraints :

1) May not be used in contexts that harm the image of the subjects

2) May not be used in contexts that suggest that the subjects portrayed have some kind of relationship with the companies advertised . You can not suggest the idea that one of the subjects is the owner of the company .

3 ) May not be shots often seen for the creation of false profiles or false identity on the network.

4 ) May not be used in violation of applicable laws regarding the identity and respect for the reputation of the subjects .

5 ) May not be used in a context in which the image is the main reason for the sale of a product. For example, a mouse mat sold only because there is that image above.

6) can be used , for example, for creating CD covers, DVD or books, in which the main product sold both the content and not the cover .

Email: faiweb [@] libero.it

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